Why India



Unlike many other low-labour-cost countries, India

  • is a functioning democracy
  • English is widely spoken
  • the rule of law & commercial code are similar to those of Western countries
  • property rights are similar to those of Western countries
  • patent laws are rigorously enforced
  • India has a young and energetic workforce supported by a strong educational and technological base


India also operates several Special Economic Zones (SEZ) that provide physical security as well as facilitating the easy flow of goods. The SEZ in Chennai known as the Madras Economic Processing Zone (MEPZ-SEZ)  has  additional benefits including:


  • Minimal industrial unrest and much less than in other parts  
  • Efficient “coastal” port facility not prone to flooding
  • Lower cost of labour and factory floor space
  • Comparatively  reliable Electricity supply
  • Shorter shipping times between Indian and Australian ports
  • Comparatively clean Water supply
  • Polluting industries are precluded from the SEZ-MEPZ



MEPZ : www.mepz.gov.in/location.asp

Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce : www.indoaustchamber.com





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