Outsourcing promises lower costs and higher returns, and many businesses who have already outsourced may have enjoyed significant cost reductions, increased efficiency, and shortened time to markets, but others unfortunately have been disappointed. This is why it is important to diligently conduct upfront analysis to move beyond beliefs and assumptions.



Austral 3D Global can assist you in identifying potential savings and later relocate your processes to India; we generally use the following model




Preliminary Evaluation - Austral 3D Global performs a macro study to understand your processes and to identify opportunities.




Analysis & Design - Austral 3D Global undertakes a micro study of your business processes to define people and process requirements, and to document work procedures, quantify savings, and identify risks




Pilot Program - Austral 3D Global prepares process plan, and implements a pilot project and evaluates results.




Commissioning - Austral 3D Global builds the production team, conducts training, manages material flow and processes.


Austral 3D Global – An Indian/Australian Cooperative Initiative,
Member of Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Expert Promotion Council of India