About Us


In today’s global environment most companies require access to low cost labour and all the other benefits associated with manufacturing in less regulated countries ; some of these benefits include :


  • Lower direct labour costs.
  • Lower  technical, management and administration costs.
  • Reduced employee compensation and medical costs.
  • Reduced manufacturing risks.
  • Access to a rich labour resource.
  • Minimal to no industrial action.
  • Labour force work ethic and appreciation of employment.


But how does one access low-cost labour without being exposed to unacceptable risks and hidden costs.


The answer is quite simple - take advantage of our experience and success by entering
into a cooperative arrangement with Austral 3D Global.


Austral 3D Global (formerly known as Austral Door Hardware) was established in Chennai to process door hardware for an Australian lock manufacturer ; it has now positioned itself for expansion by undertaking work for others .


Services include :


  • Contract assembly and packing.
  • CNC machining of precision engineering/auto components including castings and forgings.
  • Tool and die making - design & manufacture of plastic injection molds, press tools, jigs and fixtures.
  • Forgings and castings and injection molded parts.
  • Design services - product design, CAD 3D modeling/2D detailing, Prototyping using 3D Printed parts and CNC machining.
  • Metal finishing and powder coating.
  • Customs & Shipping.


Under our Cooperative Outsourcing Model :


  • you provide some of the equipment and training and whatever support services you require;
  • we provide labour, space in our existing factory, supervision and site administration so that you can “hit the road running” and commence work almost immediately ;   
  • we  attend to  customs and shipping and can assist with banking and insurance ;
  • you maintain full control of your business except that the labour intensive component of your business would be performed by Austral 3D Global;


for example sourcing of raw materials and components, assembly, packing, and shipping of products from India, while other core activities such as R&D, marketing and sales would be done in Australia and/or from your existing facilities.


Austral 3D Global is an Australian entity owned and established (2005) by two Australian engineers, Bill Besim and Russell Watts both of whom have had extensive manufacturing experience . Importantly, Bill still oversees the day to day operations.


Austral 3D Global – An Indian/Australian Cooperative Initiative,
Member of Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Expert Promotion Council of India